The Holidays are Coming, The Holidays are Coming; The Best eCard App Results

It’s the holiday season, and time for those infamous holiday cards with pictures of your family all dressed up, in matching cheesy sweaters….

Considering sending ecards this year? I downloaded a sampling of greeting card apps and wanted to share the best apps for sending holiday cards this year, as well as a couple of the worst.
Honorable Mentions
American Greetings app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad: This app provides a wide and ever-growing variety of cards to choose from tackling categories such as holidays, sympathy, birthday, congratulations, love, etc. The best feature of the app is the capability of sending video cards, cards that you can personalize, or your creation using stock images/stickers or uploading your own photos.  There is so much to explore with this app; it’s a lot of fun to practice the features and send “just because” cards out to your friends (believe me, in doing this study, I sent quite a few to my husband to test out). It’s only $.99, and you don’t have to pay any fees for as long and as often as you use the app.
Frame Wiz for iPhone:  This is where the modern Christmas card comes in to play. You can still take that cheesy family picture if you would like, but why not upload it and insert it in a decorative frame through the app, to send out to all of your friends and family’s inbox? Save on print, postage, and time! The images used in the app are high quality photos. This app also allows you to share your card creation on facebook and twitter. This app is $.99.
Hallmark app for iPhone: Not only does the Hallmark app not have nearly as many cards to choose from as American Greetings, they lack video cards, quality, and personal creation of cards. Also, the big kicker is that though the app is free, you have to pay  $.99 for each time you send a card.
D’cards for iPhone: This app just doesn’t work, and looking at the comments on the iTunes page for the app, others have written in saying the exact same thing-it doesn’t load to your phone. Good thing it was free…
Let me know if I missed a greeting card app that you think is great. I’m always up for re-reviewing so that the most accurate information is always presented.

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