Restaurant Nutrition App: Keep Your Dieting Goals While Dining Out

Restaurant Nutrition App

Platform: iPhone

Version: 1.47.5

Developer:  Foundation Surgery Affiliates

Fee: Free

This app is great for watching what you eat, while dining out at a restaurant. You can search over 115 popular restaurants nationwide and take a peak at the nutrition facts of the food items on their menus. The Restaurant Nutrition app is useful for when you already know the restaurant you will be dining, or if you are looking for a restaurant.
This app is also a great companion for those who have food allergies, by providing information on what item on the menu could be hazardous. You can also filter the food items by your desired diet determiner: carbs, calories, fat, etc. Just click on the magnifying glass in the bottom right hand corner. Looking at the Search image on the left, you can take a look at how this feature works. For example, you can search for foods that fit in your desired amount of calories for all restaurants, are just a certain one, and a menu category like dinner, salad dressings, desserts, etc.
When you find a restaurant that is compatible to your dieting goals, there is a search option to find the closest location near you. There is also a history tab to quickly look up a restaurant you visit often.  
This app I find to be incredibly valuable for health-conscious people like myself (well some of the time….). I love that it helps keep you informed about the food you put into your body. This app makes me muchappier.¬†

More Time Moms Family Meals

Looking into the app More Time Moms by Family Meals for the iPhone 3g/g4, iPods, and iPads.
It provides a menu for every day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or just dinner if you prefer) for up to six weeks. Then it gives you a weekly grocery list for the items. Seems really useful when your house has no food, but you have no inspiration on what to get to make for dinners. I think it would be pretty easy to substitute a meal or ingredient out for something you know your family will enjoy better.
The only drawback is that it doesn’t provide free recipes on how to prepare the menu and grocery items it provides; it would have been nice to have it all tied together, but I guess you’ve got to make money somewhere so I understand. Coming soon is the recipe book you can purchase on the ipad or as an ebook for $19.99. However, that doesn’t discourage me, because you can easily avoid the cost and just Google the menu for recipes online. Or you could give back to the app if you found it helpful by purchasing the cookbook, plus 5% of all profits go to children’s charities which is great.
Still trying it out, and will give it a whirl at the grocery store tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it fits budget wise too. Leave me feedback if you’ve used it.
Here’s the website to learn more: