App You’ll Love to Play as Much as Your Kids: Toca Hair Salon

The Toca Hair Salon by Toca Boca is an app that I bought for my daughter, but I like stealing a minute to play with it. In fact, I caught my husband playing it too….

The app takes place in an artsy hair salon where you choose from 4 characters that need a new ‘do. The app adds an element of fun and surprise with the responses of the characters.

You have several tools available to create your hair masterpiece: scissors of course, comb, hair coloring sprays, a blow dryer (love the facial expressions while doing a blowout), and special growing potion that grows the hair you just cutoff (we all wish we had some of that for the regretful haircut in the past).

What is also great, and what the app developers Toca Boca emphasize about their apps, is that there are no high scores or time restrictions. The game is fun and creative-not stressful. It builds into the child’s imagination in a unique way to be expressive.

The app is recommended for ages 3-7…or let’s just say 3 to infinity…I know you’ll enjoy it just as much as your kids. The app is $1.99.

Get the app here

Is the Ask a Stylist app the next best thing to having Joan Rivers in your pocket?

I stumbled upon the “Ask a Stylist” App for the iPhone, which was actually written about in an article by the Wall Street Journal online. In a nutshell, you can send a picture of an outfit or ask a question to send to a stylist, and receive feedback in minutes on what you should wear, or their opinion about your outfit. I’m intrigued!

Also, it’s free, which surprised me.

I just downloaded it and am playing around right now; I’m kind of shy about actually using it…

This would have been great to have when I was dress shopping for something to wear to a wedding a week ago. It was just me and my two year old daughter shopping (she thinks all dresses are pretty 🙂 ).

Has anyone tried it out? Let me know what you think. I’ll provide my feedback soon when I actually try it.