iPhone, iPod Touch Scrapbooking – Say Goodbye to Scissors and Glue

Scapbooking- don’t you almost feel obligated to do it being a mom?

I’d love to do it, but when, where, how, and OMG is it expensive to just buy the supplies. I’ve done a couple digital scapbooks on sites and had them printed, but even that takes quite a bit of time, uploading photos to the site and designing the pages, etc.

Mommas, if you are like me and use your iPhone as your digital camera, then listen up (or read closely…) I’ve found an even faster way to display those precious memories (in cute fashion of course)….yep, you’ve guessed it, with an app.

The TapnScrap App for iPhone, iPod Touch, and soon to be on iPad, allows you to customize and add effects to the photos you take on these devices, and set them on backgrounds, with text, objects, and frames. You can save multiple scrapbooks with unlimited number of pages. The app costs $1.99 or $4.99 for the HD version.

Sharing your scrapbook is easy; just click the Share button on the bottom toolbar and you can choose to email your scrapbook, save the scrapbook to your computer for printing, or share your scrapbook on Facebook.

What’s really cool is that there are plenty of free features with the app. You can edit photos, add “stickers” and word bubbles. You can also re-size and position an image, all with your fingertips. Here’s a page that I designed myself (in about 10 minutes) with the free features.

There are several different themes (backgrounds, imagery) you can purchase within the app (in the ScrapStore), as you desire for new scrapbooks. These cost $.99-$2.99; much cheaper than going to a craft store and buying +$20 in supplies each time you want to do a new scrapbook.

I love looking back at photos and reliving all the moments; to think I used to wish time would go faster! I have made it a practice of mine to never go through my day wishing it was the weekend, for example; I try to find enjoyment of the right now.

TapnScrap - Scrapbook, Scrapbooking, Frame Photos - Tappix

Visit tapnscrap.com to learn more.

Disclosure: I do not receive compensation for writing this app review. This app was just a nifty app I wanted to share with y’all. Sometimes I receive promo codes for apps in faith of writing an app review. The photos used were taken as screen shots from my iPhone. If you wish to have your app reviewed by Apps4Moms, please visit the Submit App for Review page on this site.


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My 5 Must-Have Apps

I download a lot of apps to try-out and share with moms, but there are 5 apps that I never delete, and use on a daily basis. Here are the apps that I would recommend to anyone who just purchased a smartphone for the first time, and don’t know where to start. Oh, and they are all FREE:

1.  Facebook: do I even need to explain this? Go directly to your Facebook account with this app, and update status, read newsfeed, upload photos or video, or search for friends. Get app now.
2. Weatherbug: I love being able to check the weather instantly on my phone. I can also see a 7-day forecast, see the weather of a destination I’m traveling, receive alerts when severe weather is coming, and check radar to see how far away a storm is from my location. Get app now.
3 .  Netflix: To use this app you must be a member of Netflix first, but the app itself is free. This a pp is such a great too l to have with little ones; distract them in the car, or keep them sitting and quiet at the doctor’s office while watching a movie. Plus, I love using it too; I like to watch an episode of the Office while I workout on our elliptical machine during naptime. Get app now.

4.  Pandora: You may already visit Pandora.com to listen to a custom radio station while you are at work, but get this app on your phone to take it with you anywhere. Listen to your favorite band and music similar to them, when at the gym, or just tap right into it when you want some background music while cleaning the house. It automatically links to your Pandora account, so all the radio stations you selected can be accessed on your phone too. Get app now.

5. Google: What better way to search online than Google.com? Get that instant search engine anywhere with the app on your phone. This app also features searches by a photograph you have taken directly from your phone, or speak into the phone and search. Get app now.

These are my top 5. Let me know what’s in yours, or maybe let me know what should be my #6.