The Babysitting Guide App

Your child babysitting this summer? The Babysitting Guide by phoneflips (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android) is a great resource for anyone who is taking care of children.

The app has everything from preparing to become a caregiver, finding a job, communicating with parents, setting rules/disciplining, and safety. It’s a great app to keep as a reference if an incident/emergency takes place too. It costs $1.99 from iTunes, or get it for only $.99 for Android at

The app is very informative, simple, and straightforward; no flashy animations or illustration, or sound effects, none of which is needed. I also like how it isn’t just a list of facts and steps, but gives real parenting advice. For example, not calling a child “bad” but discussing behavior and helping a child to understand it by asking questions that can’t be answered by “no.” I bet you can think of a parent or two that could benefit from this app right?

I think this app deserves a space on your mobile device screen, if you have little one’s in your life. Get the app here from iTunes. Get the app here for Android.

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