Tozzle App – Toddler Puzzles

I love it when my  2.5  year old daughter sits down and does a puzzle. I can see the satisfaction it brings her when she successfully inserts each piece to its proper place, and her “oh yeah, I did it,” dance when she completes the entire thing. Maybe that’s why I’m so gaga over the Tozzle Puzzle App by, oh yeah, and most importantly my daughter is gaga over it too.

The Tozzle App (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) comes in a Free Lite version, but the

$1.99 you spend on the full version is definitely more than worth the price. The app is great in the fact that not only is it fun and challenging, but there are 39 puzzles in all, with increasing difficulty as your child completes a puzzle and slides over to the next one. Also, new puzzles are added with app updates, so the app never gets boring, although my daughter will do the same puzzle over and over again anyway.
The puzzles work like this; the puzzle piece shown in-color in the upper-right hand corner needs to be inserted in one of the empty slots or shadows. If your child struggles with placing the piece in its correct place after

3 failed attempts, the app displays a green arrow that directs your child where to go, with a circle target that helps snap it into place.

The app is colorful, fun, has great sound effects, and cheerful music (my daughter loves to dance and celebrate with the music when she completes a puzzle). Get this app for your toddler. Seriously, get it.

Get the app now.

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