Great App to Filter the Crap from YouTube – tinyTube

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Don’t you hate it when your child is watching his/her favorite video via YouTube on your iPhone or iPad, and you accidentally select a video that some loser has decided to edit themselves by inserting curse words or adding snippets of their own immature animation? Since when did Dora get such a potty mouth? Then you frantically snatch your phone from your child (usually resulting in a cry of frustration), and shut off the video. I’ve been there a few times, but thankfully, here is a great app to keep this from happening again – the tinyTube app.

The tinyTube app works like this: first use your existing YouTube account or create a new one to be used just for your kids’ videos. Then, on your account, save the kid-friendly videos to your favorites. Next, select the tinyTube app on your device, and press refresh at the top. The app automatically takes the videos from your favorites list, and displays them in the app. Now all your child needs to do is learn to select the tinyTube app icon instead of YouTube (I moved this app icon right next to the YouTube app to help). Voila, no stressing about Calliou suddenly becoming violent or your child’s favorite character coming upon an unfortunate death.

The app is only $.99 and I feel well worth it.

Get the app now

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