Great app for Parents of Newborns- Grow With Me

For iPhone and iPod Touch

I wish I knew about the Grow With Me app when I gave birth to my daughter!

This app is a great tool in helping you record all the information your brain is too fried to remember after giving birth and living in the hospital for a few days. It keeps track of the times of feedings (left and right breast feedings too), how many wet and dirty diapers, hours sleeping, immunizations received, medications given, growth, and an appointment feature with alerts.

You go to the doctor often when you have a newborn baby, and I know it was always challenging for me to remember how many diapers she went through a day, figuring out how many ounces she gets on average, etc. This is great to pull out on doctor visits and look back to see if your baby is developing healthy patterns. Heck, you can even be specific with recording what kind of bowl movement your baby had. You also are able to compare your child’s growth stats to the national average on this app.

If you are reading this and thinking, that sounds great but my kids aren’t newborns anymore, well this app can be helpful to you too. The Grow With Me app “grows” with your child in keeping track of medical records and immunizations, growth, illness, etc.

Check it out for yourself. Get the app here. Oh, did I mention, IT’S FREE.

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