HeyTell App – Send an Instant Voice Message

HeyTell App for iPhone, iPad, and Android
Ever get frustrated when you have a lot to say in a text message, and then you get it all down, and then you have to read it over and make corrections, and then….well I think everyone has been in that instance, and we usually resort to just picking up the phone and trying to call a person, or settle for leaving a voicemail. 

With the HeyTell app, you just select the app, push the record button, and speak your message into the phone to a contact you’ve selected (who also has the app installed on their phone). Your message goes instantly to the person, who receives a notification that they have a message (much like a text message was received). They can then listen to your message instantly, and respond with a message of their own, much quicker than accessing their voicemail. You can use this app like a walkie-talkie even, or as an intercom. 

I know this doesn’t replace text messaging because you typically use it when one person can’t talk, but if one parent or babysitter is watching a little one who can’t type a text message, it’s the perfect app for that child to talk to Dad at work for example. My 2 year old daughter loves it, and learned very quickly how to send messages of her own. 

What’s also great about this app is that it is FREE! It also uses very little data, about the same as sending an email, and you can use it on 3G, EDGE, or WiFi connections. Conversations can also be saved and replayed offline; a great tool if a parent has to be away for a few days, and the little one can listen to a comforting message of the missed parent’s voice….for as many times as they need to…

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1 thought on “HeyTell App – Send an Instant Voice Message

  1. >Updated 3.1.11New features version 2.2:New features:✳ Adds support for location-restricted public message relays.✳ When using a public relay, you can select users to talk to or to add as friends by long pressing in the message list view (iOS 4.x and higher only, not supported for iOS 3.x).✳ Due to the possibility of high traffic from public relays, messages received from a public relay do not auto-play unless selected.✳ Group messages now have a 1 second minimum to avoid accidental transmissions.✳ Timestamps now appear on location markers if the location marker is out-of-date.✳ Have added a new friend state: Unfriend. This removes a friend from your Friends list, but does not block them.✳ Can now stop messages from playing inside the message list view by tapping again.✳ Messages are now highlighted when selected in the message list view.✳ New graphic used for unread messagesServer changes:✳ When you send your location using the Maps page, your recipient will see a location description in their Push notification.✳ Message chime when an accepted invitation creates new friends.Bug fixes:✳ Number of unread messages now read in VoiceOver mode✳ Fixed issue where ads sometimes continued to appear after a purchase until app was restarted.✳ Fixed issue where adding a group member without adding a group name would not allow users to add a new group until backing out and back into the group.✳ Message expansion now renders as a slide.✳ No longer stacks up network unavailable messages if connectivity errors occur. Only one error and one return to normal message should appear.✳ No longer displays an "invitation sent" confirmation when invites are cancelled.✳ Fixed audio volume issues after the initial beep.

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