Best Baby Names App-Stork Drop

The Stork Drop App for iPhone is a FREE app that also makes finding that perfect name for your soon to-be son or daughter a lot of fun. It’s almost a game really, and can connect to your Facebook so that your status can be updated with your top five favorite baby names. You know when you’re pregnant everyone always asks what you are going to name your baby (and also the dreaded question of “can I rub your belly”), so share with your friends and family names you are considering (sorry, this app can’t help with avoiding the belly run, but I’ll look into that later…)

You start off the app by inserting your due date, so you have a count down of the amount of time you have to settle on a name. You do have to skip ads in this free app, but I’m not bothered too much by it.

Next a bunch of names drop from the clouds on the screen, and you touch and drag the names you like in the stork bag. Right after you select a name in the bag, the origin, definition and popularity of the name pop on the screen. You then choose if it is a favorite or still a maybe, and continue on.

Once there are no names left that you like, just tap on the cloud to drop some more names. You can see what names you have selected as your favorites by selecting the Favorites tab on the bottom of the screen. In this toolbar, you can also select “Snoop” and see what the highest ranked names are by this apps’ users, as well as the most popular names to date. You can also select “Names List” and select famous people’s names by list of categories, for example, if you select Athletics, you can then go to Baseball Hall of Fame, and find names of great Baseball starts.

If you just aren’t into playing the whole cloud drop to stork’s bag game, you can select the “A-Z Names” tab and go through a loooong list of all the baby names by Alphabetical order, and by gender.

Click here to get the app now

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