The Best Time of the Month and Fertility App

Planning to have a baby? Planning when to schedule a vacation? Always forgetting when your period is supposed to start again? The iPeriod app is a great organization and tracking tool, to store information about your menstrual cycle, and keep it discreet on your phone.

To use the app, you need to record some information about a couple of your past cycles: like when your last period dated, average length of period, and the average cycle length. You are also able to record symptoms, mood, and fertility…fertility details we’ll say. The app also has a alert system so you can receive a notice when you should expect your monthly present.
What makes this app great is the different options to view information about your cycles, which you select on the toolbar on the bottom of the app. You can visualize your cycle from a calendar view, with pink dates as period dates, and green dates as fertile days. From the calendar view, you can also make notes about how you’re feeling throughout the month, and find patterns as to when you can expect a PMS day, and try to avoid taking that out on your significant other….
For me, I would feel slight cramping and nausea in between my periods, and I was curious to see if my symptoms came back the same time each month. Upon using this app, I realized that my body was reacting to the time when I was ovulating. I also am aware that a couple of days before my period, I usually get a headache, so when I feel it coming on, I can take a quick look at the app, and know that the big P is coming. As I have my period, I record symptoms I’m feeling each day, and how long my period lasts, to keep the information current when the app factors my averages in length of cycle and length of period.
The next couple of viewing options also are very helpful: you can select the Summary tab and see your averages, like duration, and next expected period, along with the details of your last periods.Here’s the great viewing option for all you planners out there, the “Next 12” tab. This projects your periods out for an entire year; great for when you want to plan a vacation, wedding, or any occasion where your period will totally cramp (no pun intended, well never mind, intended) your style.
I love this app, and I feel more in tune to my body because of it. It’s free so no harm in trying it, and there is also a Ultimate version that cost $1.99, where you can connect in forums and community and have more options in recording your symptoms and customizing your calendar to your design taste.

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