Healthy Recipes App to Feed Your Family

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If you’ve added a few more pounds around your mid-section or just like to feel good about what you eat, the SparkRecipes App is a good app to have on your phone, and the best part-it’s FREE.

When selecting the app, it instantly takes you to a search page, in which you can type a keyword search, or browse by category: course, cuisine, dietary needs, and occasion. I think this app wins especially in the dietary needs category. I myself don’t restrict myself to a certain diet (I’m an equal opportunity eater), but for those that are diabetic, vegans, or low-carb fanactics, you can find recipes by selecting these browsing criteria. If you’re aiming to cook with a specific ingredient, the keyword search will get the recipe scouting job done.

The app also features a Favorites tab, where you can save the dishes you want to reference. This app also features videos of the SparkRecipe’s Chef Meg making some of the recipes; a ‘how-to’ approach with tackling some of these recipes. Not only that, there are videos on common techniques used in cooking like how to zest citrus, prep your kitchen, and how to poach an egg-really handy for those just starting out in the kitchen.

Once you’ve selected an interesting recipe, you go to a page where it lists the ingredients needed. You can select the Directions tab to get instructions on how to create your chosen delicacy. Then, the important part; it gives the nutrition information of the meal. Looks just like the nutrition information box on the items you buy at the grocery store. This is a great feature, and allows you to check to make sure that what you are in fact putting in your body is healthy. One word of caution, I wouldn’t just trust that all the recipes are in fact healthy; anything that has a lot of cheese isn’t going to be healthy, regardless if you use skim milk instead of regular milk with it or not.

Click here to get this app now

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