Fun App for Toddlers; Peekabo Wild

App Name: Peekaboo Wild
Platform: iPhone 3G
Version: 1.0.2
Developer: Night & Day Studios, Inc.
Fee: $1.99

Peekaboo Wild is a fun and cute app for toddlers. The app is a simple peekaboo game where your child taps on the grass in the African savannah to uncover a hiding animal. An adorable little child’s voice reads the name of the animal out loud, while it is written on the screen. Then, the animated creature comes to life on the phone.

This app is another great distraction to keep your child occupied while driving, waiting at the doctor’s office, etc. You know when you need a distraction to keep your toddler quiet and busy. This app definitely steals my daughter’s attention, and I love watching her smile and laugh when she discovers what animal is hiding in the grass.

Click here to get this app.

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