Grocery iQ app for iPhone

There are so many great things about this app, that I could write a forever-long review about them, but I’ll just focus on my favorite things about the Grocery iQ app, and leave you to discover the rest of the greatness yourself.
The Grocery iQ app is the perfect tool to have when you are planning your next grocery visit. It not only helps you create and store your grocery lists, but you can also search for coupons, sort the list by different types of stores you shop at, and sort the lists by categories in the order in which you shop.
What I find most effective is to first search what coupons are out right now. I select the dollar sign tab, and instantly connect to There I search for what coupons I want. I then email them to myself, and can print them off from my computer. You also have the option to print directly from your phone.
The really innovated part is that once you select what coupons you want, it instantly saves those items on your list, and sorts them by category on your list. For example, if you selected a coupon for Huggies diapers, it instantly adds the coupon to your grocery list under the “Baby” category. Looking at the image below, the items on my list that are in blue are coupon items. I must say, this is an awesome feature! You then enter other items onto your list by tapping the plus sign on the top right-hand corner, and start typing in the search bar. The app pulls up suggestions of what you are looking for as you type in the name of the item.
After I created my grocery list, I then sorted the categories in the order I always go through the grocery store. With always having a two year old shopping with me, being quick and efficient is very important to me. When you pick up the item and put it in your cart, you just tap in the white box next to the item and a check mark appears so you can find your place as you go down your list.
The app also has a barcode scanner, and the capability to save commonly bought items, like milk, eggs, bread, etc., in the favorites tab. This is a great app, and I recommend it to all shoppers.

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