ColorPlay App; Great for Toddlers

My daughter loves this app! I love it too because I see how much she adores it, and well, I love to color too….who doesn’t?
This app is fun and kinda funny. When you enter the app, you are greeted to some snazzy music that I couldn’t help but sway to a bit. You get a choice of two different coloring books to enter: Ocean Creatures and Farm Animals (They each have different tunes). If you don’t care for the music, you can mute it by pressing the button with the music note on it in the bottom right-hand corner.
Next scroll through the different pages to color, and select one. Glide the color choices and pick out what color you want to start off with. Then just tap what area you want to color. It’s really easy and to my surprise, it isn’t tedious to color in small objects. It’s kind of like the paint bucket tool on Paint, but more intuitive, I think. I haven’t experienced many moments when I got frustrated when wanting to color in one area, and instead it colors in another. One drawback however, is that there isn’t an “undo” button to quickly go back if you make a mistake, but hey it’s coloring, not homework.
You can also save your work, or easily go back to the menu page to select another page to color. The real feature that wins it for me is that it animates your coloring. Just select the arrow button to “play” your drawing, and watch it come to life. My daughter just giggles away every time she pushes it, and it made me laugh the first I tried it too.
It’s fun. It’s cheap, and it’s also a great distraction when you need to occupy your young child for a few minutes. It also didn’t take my daughter long at all to figure out the buttons, so I would say kids as young as two would enjoy it, and adults too!

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